Thursday 17th April 2014,
TEAM SOCA I Where Soca Lives



See when our TEAM SOCA DJ’s are scheduled to play on air:

Eternal Vibes (Miami) mon, wed, fri – 9am to 12pm

Wassi One (Miami) mon, tues, wed – 12pm to 3pm

DJ Kevy Kev & Natural Mystic (Florida) mon – 3pm to 6pm

DJ Dee indmix (Florida) mon – 6pm to 8pm

Foreign Connection (Florida) – mon – 8pm to 10pm

DJ Bimshire ( Washington DC) – tues 9am to 12pm

DJ D-One (Holland) tues – 4pm to 6pm

DJ SHY (Toronto) tues – 6pm to 8pm

Spoil Brattz (New York) tues – 8pm to 10pm

Supa Roy (New York) tues – 10pm to 12am

Shot Master J (Trinidad) wed – 3pm to 5pm

Mejustik (Toronto) wed – 5pm to 7pm

Barry Hype (Miami) wed – 7pm to 9pm

DJ Sin (Toronto) wed – 9pm to 12am

DJ Bimshire ( Washington DC) – thurs 9am to 12pm

DJ DOC (Toronto) thurs – 12pm to 2pm

Black Berry Sound (Toronto) thurs – 3pm to 6pm

Spoil Brattz (New York) thurs – 6pm to 9pm

Evolution Sounds  (Boston) thurs – 9pm to 12am

D Soca Boyz (New Jersey) fri 7am to 9am

Dr Jay KOS (Toronto) fri – 12pm to 3pm

Hyperactive Sounds (New York) fri – 3pm to 5pm

DJ Trixta (New York) fri – 5pm to 7pm

Sound Inc  (Boston) fri 7pm to 9pm

Close Connections (New York) fri – 9pm to 12am

DJ Kaotic (Trinidad) sat – 9am to 11am

Foreign Connections (Florida) sat – 11am to 1pm

Sound International  (Boston) sat – 1pm to 4pm

Foreign Bass (New York) sat – 4pm to 6pm

Bad Company (New York) sat – 6pm to 8pm

D Enforcas (Toronto) sat – 8pm to 9pm

Smooth Groove (New York) sat – 10pm to 12pm

Ian D Goose (New York) sun – 1pm to 4pm

Dr Jay KOS (Toronto) sun 5pm to 8pm

DJ Code Red (Florida) sun – 8pm to 10pm

DJ Tony Tempo (Atlanta) 10pm to 12am

Alvin Toppin (Barbados)

Fatal Angels (New York)

Soca Mafia (London)

Digital Entertainment (Trinidad)

Jugglers Entertainment (Trinidad)

DJ Stephen (Atlanta, LA)

DJ Dorenzo (Miami)

Black Bear Sound (Finland)

Junya Menace KOS (Toronto)

Marxman KOS (Toronto)

SypdaTheDJ (Washington DC)

Majestic (Washington DC)